I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much – Stella Young

Stella Young is a comedian and journalist who happens to go about her day in a wheelchair — a fact that doesn't, she'd like to make clear, automatically turn her into a noble inspiration to all humanity. In this very funny talk, Young breaks down society's habit of turning disabled people into "inspiration porn."


Why cultural diversity matters – Michael Gavin

Michael Gavin, associate Professor of human dimensions of natural resources researches biological diversity, and discusses the importance that history, language and tradition have in the preservation of culture.


What do kids think about human rights? Rights Info

We talked to primary school children in five different schools across the UK about their thoughts on human rights, fairness, discrimination and even voting! We gave them a bunch of questions around these topics, leaving it up to them as to the questions they picked and the conversations they had.


Practical Diversity: taking inclusion from theory to practice

We strive to embrace diversity and inclusion in our schools and workplaces, but we often fail to understand what this looks like practically. Dr. Dawn Bennett-Alexander believes that with a little effort, we can move diversity and inclusion from theory to practice.


Why Gender Equality Is Good For Everyone? Michael Kimmel

Yes, we all know it’s the right thing to do. But Michael Kimmel makes the surprising, funny, practical case for treating men and women equally in the workplace and at home. It’s not a zero-sum game, but a win-win that will result in more opportunity and more happiness for everybody.


UNCRC Rights of the Child

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child is an international agreement that protects the human rights of children under the age of 18. All children in Guernsey are learning about human rights.